Bobbing For Apples Duel

On the day of Halloween 2 of the 3 grade 8 classes bobbed for apples. Mr.Westra`s class (8A) took on Mrs. Durnin`s class (8B). Both classes were pumped to go to the gym and bob for apples. A student from each class went up to the bucket and bobbed for the apples. There would be 10 apples in the bucket when the 2 minutes were up we would see who got the most apples.We did this because w were going to write down the data and make a chart and 2 graphs.

9. The conclusion that I can make is that the class 8b had won the apple bobbing contest. I got this conclusion by first finding the mean for the # of apples for each class. 8A has 1.86 apples/duel, and 8B was 4.29 apples/duel. Second I did the # of seconds it took to get first apple. 8A`s average was 33.86, and 8B`s was 17.71. Also 8B had 16 more apples than 8A.

A believeable inference that I can make is that we got more apples because we’re better and that a technique that we used was moving the apples to the corners and then biting into them.The 8B class won because we had more apples,better times,and a better strategy



Comparing Survey By Brenden


.Hi I`m Brenden and I am a part of the Idea Hive class. This program is about when 2 schools from different provinces work together.In this case the schools are in Wingham,Ontario and Snow Lake, Manitoba. In this project we skype each other and we did a survey about our interests. We had to find a partner from the other school that has some of the same interests as you. I personally am excited for this project because of the new learning experience and being able to talk to people from a different province.

Something I have in common with most people from Snow Lake is my favourite sports to watch which is any league of hockey. Hockey is my favourite sport. The people that I have this in common with are Evan, Logan, Madisyn, and Mercedes. Something I have in common with few people is my favourite video game, Call of Duty Black Ops. The other people who like it are Riley, Kassie, and Taelor .K. The thing that is unique about me is that I’m the only one that likes the show Family Guy.

The person that is most like me from Snow Lake is Kassie. Our common interests are our favourite part of school, we both have nicknames hers is Numnut and mine is Brendo. Another thing we have in common is we have the same qualities. I am still wondering if those in Snow Lake, Manitoba have the same technology as us here in Ontario?